MSA is the market leader in the production of custom prototype machines. We specialize in the production of robotic stands, machines for testing the tightness of details, repairs and designing new mold carriers. We have a qualified team of automation engineers, robotics and constructors. We undertake the implementation of individual machines as well as entire production lines. We are an independent company with an extensive machine park. We are constantly expanding and training our team to make our machines modern. We follow the idea of ​​industry 4.0 and automate entire plants. We use solutions that are safe for people and the environment. We make sure that our machines are completely safe for operators. We use the latest Safety solutions, SICK light curtains and safety scanners. We work on SIEMENS, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi controllers. We create robotic stations and program Kawasaki, Comau, ABB, Kuka and Fanuc robots. We have already designed such machines as: stack depalletizer, robotic station, mold carrier, aerator leak tester, safety group leak tester, manifold leak tester, mobile stone crushing station. We create prototype machines for clients from all over Europe. We are trusted by Rockwell Automation Capricorn Talimex Autoneum Saint Gobain Forest Style Industry. We design extensions of the current production lines. We have experience in designing belt and roller conveyors. We create both 2D documentation and 3D projects. We carry out electrical measurements using Sonel equipment. We participate in research and development projects with subsidies. We are open to permanent cooperation. We provide special promotions and discounts for regular customers. We also offer services in the field of plasma and oxygen cutting as well as fiber laser cutting. We also have a Haas CNC machine tool. M Squared Automation, also known as MSAUTOMATION and MSA.

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The MSA team is constantly working on new solutions. Recently, the mold carrier has been renovated. The entire project consisted in restoring the machine to its original mechanical functionality, cleaning the supporting structure of the machine, regenerating mechanical parts, replacing fasteners and sliding elements, and making and completing the missing parts of the machine. The parts of the automatics and electrics, which were worn out during repeated use, were also replaced. The first stage of our work was to disassemble the machine into its first parts and clean the whole thing. Then all machine components were meticulously assessed for suitability by our engineers. The entire hydraulic system has been regenerated. After preparing all the elements of the machine for reassembly, the machine was assembled at our plant, and then, before shipment to the customer, its operation tests were carried out in the presence of MSA automation engineers and constructors. The regenerated mold carrier has already been delivered to our customers.


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16 August 2019
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