We offer a wide range of machine with high operating comfort, customized for the needs of our clients from various industries. In our offer you will find both small-size leak tester, as well as larger machines for depalletizing , heating tables, mold and carriers. We believe that development and qualified team is fundamental to our goal to have a group of satisfied customers and become a world leader in machine production.

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Individual approach to each client.

msa machine offer

Helpline for maintence workers.

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Professional technical consulting.

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Rapid delivery of spare parts.

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Warranty and post-warranty service






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MSA offer 

MSA offer 

Contact MSA - ulica Nowopogońska 98

 Czeladź 41-250  Poland  Śląsk 

Mateusz Opuchlik +48 728 446 620 Depalletizer Leak tester for aerators Heating table Mobile lift 
 Cable reel Charcoal sorting line Pneumatic sorter Semi-mobile crushing station 

MOULD CARRIER polyurethane mouldings mold carriers mold carrier is component of molded foam automatic lines clamping units clamps repairs of mould carriers construction of mold carriers mould carrier systems for polyurethane foam processing mould carrier and presses for metal forming polyurethane plastics technology automotive fill mold carrier for long fiber injection incjection molding machine mold support mechanism including an insert for supporting one mold mounted on a carrier molding technologies moulding technologies hydrualic mould carrier pneumatic mould carrier mold carrier for polyurethane molds

company MSA śląsk company MSA Poland construction of prototype machines aerators tightness testers security groups leak testers pneumatic sorter tightness winder cable reel conveyor prism conveyor charcoal sorting line automation Silesian Silesia Polish automation Poland MSa automation stack depalletizer heating table mobile hoist conveyor with boom cable reel turntable mobile limestone crushing station roller conveyor palletizing plant concrete plant automatic palletizing line scraper dispenser crushing plant transport gluing line segregation line flail mill winder rotating turner feeder shaker feeder tray feeder BB feeder pallet packing machine stone cutter hydrual press cross conveyor prismatic conveyor t ypu redler conveyor reinforced bucket conveyor L250 suspended conveyor with basket divider with flap skip heating table winch punching dump transfer automatic press machine manufacturer for mechanics and machine building automation maintenance maintenance adding details to machines preserved safety standards siemens wieland lenze drives nord astrada delta solid works inventor tia portal see electrical documentation 2d and 3d win cc step 7 sew m

Contact MSA - ulica Nowopogońska 98 Czeladź 41-250 Polska Śląsk Mateusz Opuchlik +48 728 446 620 Depalletizer Leak tester for aerators Heating table Mobile lift 
 Cable reel Charcoal sorting line Pneumatic sorter Semi-mobile crushing station

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