We offer cutting services:

- precision-shaped plasma and oxygen,
- profiles, 2D sheets and pipes,
- materials in the thickness range from 0.5 mm to 100 mm,
- black steel, stainless steel and aluminum,
- without burning materials,
- with a small cutting gap,
- with a wide range of cutting parameters
- with a large workspace, - with a narrow cut impact zone.

JANTAR BURNER wypalarka śląsk usługa wypalania usługa cięcia plazmowego

Plasma and oxygen cutting

Wypalarka Jantar wypalarka śląsk usługa wypalania usługa cazmowego

Wypalarka Jantar śląsk
The Jantar burner is one of the most popular burners of the Eckert brand, with the possibility of equipping it with plasma and oxygen cutting systems.
MSA has extensive experience in operating machines and mass production of details and machines. A qualified group of constructors and technologists is able to create for you a detail that we will then burn and subject to appropriate treatment. We attach great importance to the quality of services offered and timely execution of orders.
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