The Jantar II burner belongs to the group of the most efficient burners among its competitors. Its main purpose is shape cutting - both plasma and gas cutting. Thanks to high-quality components, the burner achieves high cutting speed and ensures high quality without burning the materials. It is possible to cut carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel on the burner. The machine has a large working space and a wide range of cutting parameters. The Eckert plasma cutter guarantees a narrow cutting impact zone, and thanks to the large working space it is possible to cut large-size sheets and cut many details without the need to frequently change sheets. The machine is designed for shape and straight cutting. The Eckert plasma cutter provides high repeatability of cutting, which is especially important in serial production. We cut sheets from drawings provided by you or, if necessary, design details to be burned on site. We also carry out express orders in the field of sheet metal cutting. A qualified group of constructors and technologists can create for you the detail necessary to improve production, improve the efficiency and quality of products at your plant. eckert jantar II eckert jantar II

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MSA has extensive experience in machine operation and mass production of parts and machines. A qualified group of designers and technologists is able to create a detail for you, which we then burn and process. We attach great importance to the quality of the services offered and the timely execution of orders.


The Jantar burner is one of the most popular Eckert burners, which can be equipped with plasma and oxygen cutting systems.

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Wypalarka Jantar wypalarka śląsk usługa wypalania usługa cazmowego

PLASMA AND OXYGEN CUTTING burner eckert jantar II

BURNER ECKERT JANTAR II     wypalarka śląsk usługa wypalania usługa cięcia plazmowego eckert jantar II

We offer cutting services:

- precise-shaped plasma and oxygen,
- profiles, 2D sheets and pipes,
- materials with a thickness range of 0.5 mm to 100 mm,
- carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum,
- without burning the materials,
- with a small cutting gap,
- with a wide range of cutting parameters,
- with a large working space,
- with a narrow cutting influence zone.

burner eckert jantar II

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